What is an empty leg?

What is an empty leg?  An empty leg means an aircraft is flying without passengers on board.  This situation creates an excellent opportunity for our clients to catch a flight to various destinations, paying only for a one way leg.  For example, we might have a trip scheduled to pick up passengers in Fort Meyers, FL who are returning home after a vacation.  This means the aircraft will be flying from the Goshen Airport to Fort Meyers without passengers.  If you can be flexible in your schedule then you could use one of our empty legs to get to your destination.  You would then have several options to return home after your vacation, we can help you find a return flight or fly commercial. (WARNING: After chartering a private flight you'll never want to fly commerical again).  Flexibility is the key here. 
The staff at ACS is experienced in locating empty leg flights all over the country.