Fractional Ownership

Fractional aircraft ownership is defined as owning a share of a sole-purpose LLC which is the airplane, professionally managed, and flown by like-minded people. This is the essence of Fractional Ownership in it's purest, most beneficial form. Fractional ownership and aircraft management takes the guesswork out of owning your own aircraft and allows you to maximize the cost effectiveness of owning such a large asset. Each owner pays for operating costs, pilot services and maintenance but it's at a reduced cost in comparison to whole ownership. 

You maintain control of your aircraft, yet you have no day-to-day aircraft management concerns, no scheduling issues, no maintenance worries, no payroll responsibilities, no unproductive downtime, and no unexpected costs.  Owners may choose to retain exclusive use of their aircraft or they may put their plane on ACS's charter certificate to generate revenue through on demand air charter.

For those who fly regularly, fractional ownership may be able to save you on your executive travel needs depending upon the number of hours per year flown.  The more hours a person flies, the more benefits there are to ownership.
Someone flying just 50 hours per year doesn't fly enough to benefit from ownership.