Charter vs Commercial

Charter vs Commercial
There are many differences when comparing a private flight to commercial travel.  Anyone who has flown commercially has experienced the discomfort of flying on a large airliner.  Between airport security, lost luggage, flight delays and inconvenient departure times, it doesn't take long to become a frustrated frequent flyer.
Chartering your own private jet is the exact opposite of flying commericaly.  The entire trip is scheduled around your itinerary.  Arrive at the airport minutes prior to departing, the pilots will greet you as you walk into the airport and will assist you with your luggage.  
A business trip to Dallas or a conference in Atlanta can be accomplished in one day.  The plane can overnight at your location for several days or a week.  
When chartering, you are paying for the use of the whole plane.  Our aircraft will seat 7-9 passengers depending on the configuration and size of the plane.  It's possible to coordinate your flight with another group if schedules permit.
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