Aviation Outlook

Looking back over the past 4 years, general aviation was quagmired, stuck in a rut.  With an abundance of used aircraft for sale, a lack of qualified buyers and a steady drop in aircraft prices, the average time on the market was close to a year.  Serious buyers still have a large supply of used aircraft from which to choose, but thankfully those numbers are declining albeit painstakingly slow.  Prices primarily drove sales and a seller's willingness to accept that fact directly impacted the sale of his/her plane.
This past year brought a re-emergence of corporate users.  Pre 2008, large corporations using private aviation might have purchased jets, rather than charter. However, a sense of “once bitten twice shy” is apparent and large corporations which previously purchased a long term fractional share or whole aircraft are buying blocks of jet time instead, to limit their exposure to future market dynamics and ensure a better return on investment.
Chartering offers corporations the flexibility and convenience of traveling in and out of general aviation airports bringing them closer to their final destination.  Many local corporations use ACS's charter services for single day trips as well as overnight trips.