What's The Difference Between Jet Cards?

 A jet card (prepurchasing blocks of time)  is the best option for you if you fly about 25 hours or less per year; normally take extended vacations/trips; or need to manage your travel budget for the year. 
There are many benefits to purchasing a jet card.  A jet card allows you to purchase 25 hours at a time with no long term committment.  You enjoy all of the benefits of ownership without the worry of maintenance, pilot salaries and hangar fees.  You'll know upfront what your travel costs are for the year and you can easily extend your card membership with another block of time purchase.  Some jet cards expire within a year's time while other's allow the owner to rollover hours to the next year.
There are an unlimited supply of charter organizations offering jet cards.  A  number of these companies have aircraft conveniently based worldwide and claim to be available within a 12 hour lead time.  I've heard some complaints that dispatch reliability isn't exactly up to par. 
Completing your due diligence will save you money in the long run. Costs to purchase a 25 hour card are similar between companies, but the hourly cost can vary greatly.  Fuel surcharges added on top of the hourly cost are also variable and can be as high as $2400 per hour.
ACS's Jet Cardplus offers an all-in pricing schedule.  Our hourly rates include pilot fees (during the flight), fuel and FET tax.  You'll receive priority scheduling and guaranteed aircraft availability. Most of our crew live within an hour's drive time, so we can accomodate those last minute trips and a short term notice. Typically we need 3-4 hours lead time to allow for our pilot's to arrive at the airport, prepare the plane for your trip and add fuel.  ACS's Jet Cardplus has no expiration date so you can roll over your unused hours into the following year.
Get to know the friendly staff at ACS and you'll be treated like family.