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Safety & Maintenance

Pilot Training:

As ACS continues to grow, we are adding more pilots to our team of experienced crew members.  Every crew member undergoes an annual regimented training program with a FAA certified flight safety course assuring you the highest level of safety.  Our jet aircraft are operated with two highly skilled and experienced pilots on every flight.  Each flight has a PIC (Pilot in Command) and a SIC (Second in Command).  Often times either crew member has enough experience to be Pilot in Command.

Raytheon King Air B200Aircraft Maintenance:

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Aircraft Charter Services uses the Goshen Air Center located at the airport as it's full-maintenance facility for turbine and piston engine airplanes. Our entire aircraft fleet is inspected regularly and maintained on site by our FAA approved repair station.  This helps us maintain a high dispatch reliability record. 

Safety Ratings:
ACS is committed to safely delivering passengers to/from their destinations 365 days per year.  To do so, we've subscribed to  AR/GUS and Wyvern both independent safety auditors.  These companies complete safety audits on our operations to ensure we have maintained our aircraft to the highest levels of safety and our pilots have the most recent training.  They also require an operator to have a set of emergency plans in place in case of an accident.