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Jet Cardplus Program

Flight Made Simple
The Jet Card idea has become increasingly popular across the country with businesses and individuals who fly on a regular basis. If you fly often, but not enough to own an airplane or to purchase a fractional share, then a Jet Card is the perfect solution. 
Our Jet Cardplus owners enjoy the convenience and flexibility of owning their own aircraft without the associated expenses. It's like owning your own plane but not having to worry about hiring pilots, airplane maintenance and hangar rental.
We've kept it as simple as possible, prepay for either 50 hours or 100 hours of flight time at a discounted rate, then use your hours at your convenience with no expiration date. With the ACS Jet Card, you'll have the option of choosing from either a light or mid sized aircraft. The hours are interchangeable between the light or midsized aircraft so you can use the best plane for your trip.
The Jet Card gives you purchasing power with discounts found at both the 50 and 100 hour level. Simply buy more time as needed.
It's the best of both worlds!